Girls Basketball Team Wraps Up the Season

Molly O'Flynn, Staff Writer

The Dalers make the playoffs with effort and team chemistry.  

The girls varsity basketball season is coming to an end. Although the team had a few tough match-ups throughout the season, they played so well together and the chemistry they had on and off the court was unmatched. 

After having the opportunity to watch them play against Farmingdale’s biggest rival, Massapequa, on January 11th, the team worked together and they did not give up. Even though the Lady Dalers had lost to Massapequa, the team had played so well together and fought their way through this game. Junior Leela Guobadia scored 13 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. Guobadia played an excellent game and was able to stop Massapequa from scoring many points with her defense. She says that the team’s chemistry came naturally to them and “instantly clicked.” Senior captain Carly Livingston also says that this year’s team is “one of the best” and they “all love each other.” Despite the team’s loss,  junior Emily Markovina says that the seniors this year contribute so much to the team and motivate her every day to be the best player she can be. The team’s dynamic will drastically change after their three seniors and captains leave this year. However, the juniors this year are strong and dedicated players who will be able to lead this team next year and bring them to the next level. Senior captain Alena Godas played an excellent role in the game that night and was able to help her team fight against Massapequa. She and the rest of the team said how they are constantly looking for room to improve on the court. 

 With the support from Coaches Dave Stein and Shari Campbell, the team continues to succeed. Coach Stein says that this team has not “hit their peak” and they will only get better from where they are now. Similarly, Coach Campbell agrees that the girls this year have brought “fire and passion to practice” and “most importantly they really like each other.” Additionally, the seniors this year are “such good vocal leaders” that it will be different but “rising juniors will fill their place easily,” Coach Campbell said. The chemistry on the court is not just between the players, but also between the coaches and their players. They have a great relationship with each other, which makes them even better as a team. Senior captain Stephanie Nemecek says that she gets herself into a good mindset before a game by getting a “pep talk” and a hug from Coach Campell. Nemecek is committed to Farmingdale State College and will be playing both basketball and volleyball. She and the other seniors have been key players in this 2023 season, and while their season came to an end in the playoffs, everyone is proud of what the team accomplished this season.