Forgetting Things

Joan Ramos, Staff Writer

Running away from a noise that invokes fear. Dark, humid, muddy, and green. Panting and gasping for air. More running footsteps from A Thing following close behind. What is it? How big is it? How strong is it? How deadly is it? Rain, pattering on leaves that seem to scream with each droplet that lands on them. One, two, three, four, more and more trees falling behind in a crescendo of terror. Booming steps that create a jolt and jump each time. Tears, streaming down, fearing of one’s life, one’s own safety. 

A slip and fall, a face covered in mud, sight disturbed and eyes stinging. Clothes now rugged, sopping wet, brown and covered in all things nature. One, two, one, two booming footsteps drawing nearer. Turning around to look at The Thing pursuing. Screaming, screeching, yelling, your throat yearns for salvation. 

“Stop… running…”
Staring, deep, dark, gray eyes. An iris so encapsulating it seems to sway with the wind.

“Why… do you… run…?”

Booming, deep, slow, monotonous voice spills out through the vibration of a meaty voice box. “Speak… why so… silent…”

Towering, black as night, feral and hunched over, razor sharp teeth and a slimy slick tongue.

Please don’t hurt me…” gasping for air between words, a small quaint voice speaks back, “I came to the woods…looking for… something I lost…

The Thing has caught its breath and speaks clearly, “These woods are no place for you. Whatever that you have lost is gone. Leave now, I will follow behind until you are out of this vicinity.” 

“No. You don’t understand, the thing I look for is here, here is the thing I lost. I need to find it somewhere-” The Thing stands upright while keeping eye contact, “… you must let me look, I will not leave until I get what I have lost.”


The Thing grunts, turns around, and slightly waves its hand signaling to follow. The forest is damp, dark, and humid. The path left behind from running is completely ruined. Lumber down on the ground, foliage and grass strewn all over, dirt and mud kicked up making everything look like a world of pure dirt and grime. Almost like a bog or swamp but enough to look like a densely packed forest from afar. There is no wildlife. No birds, worms, frogs or toads, deer, wolves, or coyotes.

Arriving at a clearing and an orderly dirt path, tall, wide looming buildings become visible. A village, “This is where we live, do not touch, speak, or look at anyone or anything here.” Following close behind a sense of agitation arises over how demanding The Thing is. 

“Where are you taking me?”

“Home, you wait outside, and I will give you something that might help so you can finally leave.”

Looking around at the other Things. They’re also tall, dark, and shadowy, deep gray eyes, feral claws, hairy shaggy fur. They turn to look, dozens of heads swaying, They seem to pierce with their stares. Afraid, nervous, anxious, restless, what’s happening here? What are these Things? Who are these Things?

“We’re here. Wait outside, right here”

“No, I’m coming in. Whether you like it or not.” The Thing grunts, and reluctantly allows entry.

Everything is twice as big and tall. The only comparable height could be a school bus but even that’s a bit too short. 

“What do you have to give me?”

“A necklace.”

“O…kay… where’s it from?” 

“Somewhere you might remember, a fond place and memory.”

“How would you know that?” The Thing turns around and gives the necklace to an open palm.

“I was there, saw everything through your own eyes. We all did.”

“My…? Own…? Eyes…?” Looking down at the necklace the feeling of gut wrenching pain, sadness, and despair rush into your heart.

“Why…… do I feel like this….” 


You fall to your knees and clench the necklace to your chest, tears streaming down, you black out, and wake up standing at a tree. Alone, dark, on a green hill. You feel a hand on your shoulder.

“She was my everything, our everything. I’m sorry if I’m not enough for you to live a fulfilling life. I can try to teach you how she would’ve as you grow up.” He turns you around, “Take care of that necklace for as long as you live, it was hers, and she wanted to pass it on to you. When it’s my turn to leave too, never forget what she gave you. Never forget the things I’ve taught and will continue to teach you. I love you, and she will continue to love you as well.”

You blackout and wake up again. This time in a bed, your bed. A heart monitor and IV attached to your arm, wires strewn everywhere. A nurse comes in.

“Ah, I see you’re awake now! You were out for a while, you know.”

“Who are you? Where’s my mom, my dad?”

The nurse stops herself from grabbing water bottles on a night table next to you. 

You see, your mother suffered from an illness which… caused her brain and memories to go all funny. It seems that you have also contracted the same illness…and as for your father. He let himself go.”

You stare at a clear white ceiling. From the corner of your eye you see The Thing carefully approach. The nurse seems unaware and seems to not be able to see him. 

“Do you understand now? You forgot who you were, the mental baggage was too much for you to bear and in response your brain decided to shut down and block it out. Each of those Things you saw, the Thing you’re looking at right now, our quaint village. We’re all memories your brain forgot and shut out. Your time is short. Mother and Father are waiting.”