Joel Embiid is Having an MVP Season

Joel Embiid is Having an MVP Season

Nazayah Hicklin, Staff Writer

Joel Embiid has been performing at an MVP caliber level. 

Joel Embiid, who is 7 feet tall and weighs 280 pounds, is from Yaounde, Cameron. In Cameron, his primary sport was volleyball, which explains his great shot-blocking ability. Embiid started playing basketball at the age of 16, and he attended the University of Kansas for only one year. Then Joel Embiid entered the 2014 NBA Draft. He was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers as the third pick in the first round. 

Embiid has been a dominating center this season, averaging 33 points (leading the NBA), 10 rebounds and shooting 54 percent from the field. Embiid has had a huge impact on the 76ers offense, carrying a huge offensive load with a usage rate of 37.1. He is also dominating from ranges of zero through 13 feet by averaging sixty two percent and sixty percent from inside the arc (2 pointers) from the field. Embiid has also been an incredible defensive force as well. While averaging 1.6 blocks and 1.1 steals, Joel Embiid has defended field goals at the rim at a 60 percent rate, with a defensive rating of 108.6 as of April 3, 2023. 

With the playoffs in full gear, Joel Embiid deserves MVP for his ability to score the ball and to defend the rim on the opposite end, while leading his team to the third seed in the Eastern Conference. As of time of publication, the Philadelphia 76ers are up 2-1 in their first round match-up with the Brooklyn Nets.  

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