Bloopers that Work


Jillian Cordi, Staff Writer

In movies, sometimes it’s difficult to remember certain lines or perform certain movements. Bloopers are a very common thing in the movie world and sometimes very funny to watch. However, did you know that not every blooper gets cut out of the movie and that some actually end up in the film? These are just a few examples of times bloopers made the final cut. 

1. Chris Pratt drops the orb

In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt’s character, Peter, drops the orb during the collector scene. Luckily he didn’t break character and the directors kept the scene. 

2. “I’m the king of the world!”

Even if you have never seen the film you may know the famous line “I am the king of the world” from the 1997 movie Titanic. Originally that line was not supposed to be said but was made up on the spot by the director. 

3. The car doesn’t start

In an episode of the hit 1989 sitcom Seinfeld, the gang is trying to find their car in a parking garage. They finally reunite with the car and are so happy, until one of the main characters, Kramer (played by Michael Richards), tries to start the car and it doesn’t work. In the script  the car was supposed to start, but when it didn’t, we see the cast actually laughing as a genuine reaction. 

4. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal in Friends

In the episode titled “The One With the Ultimate Fighting Champion,” Robin Williams and Billy Crystal make an appearance, but that was not supposed to happen. Williams and Crystal made up a story that was so good it even got Matt LeBlanc’s character Joey to ad-lib his own line. After the two left, Courteney Cox, who portrays Monica Geller, actually forgot her line. The directors loved it so much and kept that scene. 

5. The Coffee Cup in Game of Thrones

 One of the most famous TV mistakes was when a Starbucks cup was spotted on the table in Game of Thrones. Unlike the first four examples, this was not intentionally included in the episode. HBO stated, “The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake.”

Those were some bloopers that made it into TV and film. I hope you enjoyed this column. That’s all for now, bye!  

* image from, Creative Commons