Theatre Program Thriving at FHS


Abbygail Burns, Staff Writer

FHS offers valuable experiences to students through this unique program.

The Theatre program at Farmingdale High School is truly unlike any other. It has grown significantly over recent years, now offering four levels.

Theatre I covers the foundations or fundamentals, more specifically, acting and directing, technical theatre and producing, and history. Theatre II builds on the knowledge from Theatre I, but mainly focuses on acting, such as honing acting techniques, stage combat, script analysis, etc. Theatre III centers around theatre production; it teaches all aspects of theatre production, except acting,  focusing more on administrative and backstage operations. Theatre IV is particularly unique–Theatre for the Community. This class allows students to put on various productions, especially for children, all across Farmingdale. This includes Safe Halloween, held in late October, allowing children to trick-or-treat through a slew of different worlds, each just a few feet apart from each other, yet extremely magical. Each class, especially Theatre I, has a mix of students in all grades, working collectively to put together great productions. 

One of the best parts of the Theatre classes is the effect it has on the students that take it. Sophomore Addison Moller, currently taking Theatre 2, says, “Theatre is a fun collaborative class where students get to express themselves in different projects and get to learn everything involved with theatre, not just acting.” Addison has been involved in all four Playcrafters productions since attending FHS, including Once on this Island, Puffs, Pippin, and The Birds. When asked what her favorite part about taking theatre was, she states, “It’s how supportive everyone is and the different techniques that we get to learn with all aspects of theatre. The field trips are also quite fun.” The classes also help immensely with teamwork and leadership skills, as well as confidence and, what is actually the world’s number one fear, public speaking. 

The Theatre classes also help with the two productions that Farmingdale High School puts on each year – one musical in the fall, and a play in the spring. This year the musical was Pippin, taking place in November, and the play was Aristophanes The Birds: a Modern Adaptation, an Ancient Greek satire, that took place March 17th and 18th. The play this year was held in the round, with the seating on the stage, allowing the actors to interact with the audience in ways not previously possible. Taking the Theatre classes alongside participating in the musical and play allows students to be better performers and learn more about acting and theatre. 

Currently, the Theatre 3 class is preparing for their production of The Wizard of Oz, that they will put on at some of the elementary schools. Meanwhile, the Theatre 1, 2, and 4 classes are working hard to prepare for “The Beckies,” their annual awards show, with the purpose of recognizing and showcasing all the hard work the classes put in throughout the year. The Theatre classes offer unique experiences, and offer benefits that are valuable to anyone both in and beyond high school.

* image from, Creative Commons