Top QBs in the NFL Draft

Christian D'Amico, Staff Writer

The 2023 NFL draft will be an exciting one for the next generation of QBs. 

With the NFL draft coming up, many of the United States’ best college football players will be drafted into the league. Many teams are expected to get some of the best college players, especially QBs. Here are the Top 5 QBs that are available in this year’s draft.

First off, the Ohio Bobcats QB CJ Stroud is a very high priority for many teams due to his throwing arm and his ability to perform under pressure during close games. With the No.2 pick, The Houston Texans have the highest chance of getting CJ. They have been below average on overall success. Houston will do anything for somebody to boost their offense up, and CJ is that guy.

Then, there is a young dominant QB from the Crimson Tide of Alabama by the name of Bryce Young. In three seasons with Alabama, Bryce threw 80 touchdowns compared to only 12 interceptions, and this has put him in the spotlight. The Carolina Panthers, with the No.1 pick, are in the race for the QB to replace Sam Darnold. So if Carolina needs a player, Bryce Young is their best choice. 

Now it’s time to discuss a QB from the Florida Gators, the prominent Anthony Richardson. Although he did not do that well in his first two seasons at Florida, his 2022-2023 season was the most dominant for them. With his great mobility, and his cool under pressure, he has been projected to go high in the draft. A major team, the Atlanta Falcons, is projected to pick Richardson. It might take him a season or two to adjust to the NFL based on stats, but he’ll do well when he gets in the groove of things.

The QB now from the Kentucky Wildcats, Will Levis, has teams looking his way. Levis is in second place for most 300 yard games, so he is extremely dominant. One team looking at Levis is the Indianapolis Colts. Their QB line is not that good, since Matt Ryan is getting old and Nick Foles has had injuries. Getting a QB with several 300+ yard games is on the top of the Colts to-do list.

Finally, there is a QB that was so good, he followed in the footsteps of a Hall of Fame QB. Hendon Hooker of the Tennessee Volunteers was doing so well in Tennessee that some analysts are comparing him to the now Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.  Many teams have wanted to get Hendon, but one team stands out, the Los Angeles Rams. From winning the Super Bowl last year to going 5-12, most of the issues stem from Matthew Stafford. Getting somebody with Hall of Fame potential is necessary.

This would wrap up the 5 best QBs that are preparing for the 2023 NFL draft. Will these players go to these projected teams? Only the draft will tell!