Performers Inspire ‘Real’ Harmony


Courtney Cameron and Iziah Espinal

Diverse, Dynamic Performances

by Courtney Cameron

Farmingdale High School’s annual multicultural showcase was hosted by R.E.A.L Harmony on April 5th in the Commons. The dedication and talent displayed by the students was inspiring. Students and faculty alike had the chance to witness a variety of cultural acts ranging from Carribean hip pop, to Bollywood, and even Bachata. The multicultural showcase coincides with R.E.A.L Harmony’s mission of diversity as the club encourages inclusion of all students. 

Many of the Caribbean and African American students performed a dance consisting of Jamaican dancehall and  hip pop. The afro-centric dance routine was a homage to the great reggae artists such as Buju Banton, Sean Paul, and Shaggy. Caribbean dance also includes salsa, mambo, and calypso, where Caribbean islands maintain strong cultures of music and dance. Both the music and dance can be characterized with rapid movements, beats, breaks, vibrant and soulful. The soulful aspect of the dance can be seen in the student performers as they put their hearts in their performance, and they killed it! Many of these cultures are here in Farmingdale High School, and the students did well in paying respect to their Caribbean heritage. 

The Bollywood dance performed by Semi, Bharti, and Jasika was a beautiful and eccentric exhibition of Middle Eastern dance culture. Bollywood dance music encompasses a wide range of songs predominantly featured in the Bollywood film industry with a growing worldwide popularity. They are performed in a variety of Indian dialects. Bollywood dancing is a fusion of traditional Indian dance with Middle Eastern techniques. Bollywood dances have been inspired by disco and Hindi filmi dances. Many Asian cultures have contributed tremendously to our entertainment, education, food, and even dance. The Bollywood dance performed at the multicultural showcase was a mere reflection of what the culture has to offer.

Farmingdales Hispanic students did a spectacular job in performing a multitude of Spanish Dances and even incorporated a latin band!  The show includes forms of bachata, hip pop, merengue, and salsa. The dances contained fluid movements and upbeat rhythms. Many of the cultural dances are derived from across the globe. Countries such as Brazil, Cuba, and Spain are known for their expansive culture. The talented Latin band that performed at the showcase was inspired by Mexican roots. Hispanic heritage has had a profound impact on our art, food, and music that influences many consumers on the daily. 

Farmingdale High School’s multicultural showcase highlights the beauty that many cultures bring to our community. By showing an appreciation of various heritages, our environment is able to expand its diversity and inspire real harmony. The students of R.E.A.L Harmony spread awareness one performance at a time. Our school is further able to thrive as we accept all students for who they are. Regardless of race, gender, or religion, all students are appreciated for their unique characteristics that contribute to creating an open space for growth here in Farmingdale. 

Performers Showcase Diversity

by Iziah Espinal

The 2023 Multicultural Showcase is an event that features performances representing a multitude of cultures and religions. Organized by the Real Harmony Club, a multicultural club that has a mission to educate, explore and embrace diversity in our community, this event helps communicate both the unique traits and the similarities between every culture. There were countless hours of preparation, with students practicing after school, balancing school, sports, and other clubs.  

Many practices were held in the Commons. Of the seven acts, there were 50 people involved, and everyone put all their effort into the showcase. Head of the Spanish group dance Luisa Deleon describes her experience as rewarding. She said she had a lot of fun and made many friends during this process, which made it an unforgettable experience for her and she was glad that we got to display the Hispanic culture to the school. She admitted that it was difficult but it was worth it. Club member Zanyah Allen remembers her experience as amazing; everyone came together and enjoyed themselves. Also it was wonderful to put smiles on the students’ and teachers’ faces. 

The crowd grew larger and larger as each period went by; it looked like a crowd for a concert. Each act was stunning, Mrs. Lahda said, “The best part was seeing an entirely different side of many students as they performed.” The crowd was engaged with the performances, encouraging each performance with cheers and applause. Matt Murrell is typically involved with many events with Real Harmony. He says that  you often miss the beauty of the performances when you’re a part of it, and to just be able to sit back and watch was a wonderful experience. Many senior members of the club say that it “becomes a part of you.” It becomes more of a family than a club, which makes it an emotional experience.