Blooket or Kahoot?

Matthais Pierre-Francois, Staff Writer

Which school-related game website would you prefer?

Teachers in the district have been using different website applications to find a fun way to educate students based on  subject. But I have a really good question for you all. Is it better to use Blooket or Kahoot for school-related learning? 

Blooket has effective and entertaining ways for learning and tons of different game modes for learning for all grades and ages. Blooket gives students the opportunity to be more engaged in learning more about the subject they’re taking because it supplies the teacher and the student with different game modes, all with a different purpose. But not all Blooket game modes are specifically designed for skilled fast-pace learning; some game modes can also give the student who isn’t the best at a subject/topic a chance to win. A game mode called Gold Quest, which is completely luck-based and rated eighth for the most favorite game globally, is played the most within our school. There are multiple other game modes on Blooket that aren’t luck-based, and require complete skill, such as Battle Royale, Classic, and Racing. Blooket also makes seasonal changes to their website every year, during Halloween, Christmas, and more, that come along with exclusive game modes made for that seasonal event to make things more exciting.

Kahoot has a simple and effective strategy for learning globally. Kahoot, unlike Blooket, chooses to produce more simple methods of learning, making it easier to decide the formatting of how the lesson/subject within the game would take place. Kahoot was created and launched before Blooket, back in March 2013, and was the original application/website with the ability to have students answer questions on their own or as a team of classmates. Kahoot is working slowly on adding cool new features to their app and site. Blooket may have seasonal changes to their website and app, but Kahoot was the one to originally create seasonal updates upon loading up the page or app, showing new effects and more. Kahoot can also be used outside of the classroom. According to, “More than 97% of Fortune 500 companies use Kahoot! for employee engagement and training.” 

Both Blooklet and Kahoot are useful for student engagement and learning, so it might all just come down to personal preference. Both of these websites can be used successfully both inside and outside of the classroom.