Don’t Miss ‘Missing’


Elena Ledee, Staff Writer

Be sure to check out this unpredictable and uniquely shot movie. 

Imagine your mom and her new boyfriend head on a vacation to Columbia. They leave you behind for a week with some cash and an empty house. Your mom and her boyfriend keep you updated, when all of a sudden there’s no answer. It’s the day to pick them up and they are nowhere to be found. You start to question, where did they go? Are they okay? Why aren’t they answering? When will I see them again? 


Well fear not because this is just a movie. Needless to say this movie is amazing. It starts off with the main character, June, played by Storm Reid. She lives with her mom, Grace, with whom she has a complicated relationship. One day her mom and her mom’s boyfriend make a decision to take a spontaneous trip to Columbia. Grace’s boyfriend Kevin sends June multiple pictures of him and her mom on the trip. All of a sudden there’s no more texts and they are nowhere to be found. June starts freaking out and calls the authorities to help find her mother. While being reasonably panicked, June decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate further, as she believes the detectives are not doing enough for her. This movie was not only thrilling, but intriguing and unpredictable. There were plot twists after plot twists, and I can promise this movie will keep your attention the whole time. 

Besides the fact that the movie itself is fantastic, the way the movie is shot is also extremely fascinating. It is not shot like a normal movie is. You are watching the movie from your point of view through a variety of electronics. You see what is being shown through the camera as well as what is on the screen. I found this very interesting and different. It really brings a different meaning and feel to the movie and makes you more connected. So don’t “miss” out, get to the theaters and see Missing

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