Buffalo Bills Draft Class 2023


Nicholas Smith, Staff Writer

The Buffalo Bills entered the draft with a total of six picks, and they would end the draft with six new rookies. The main areas of concern before the draft were offensive line, linebacker, and a receiving weapon for Josh Allen. Bills GM Brandon Beane was ready for the challenge, and he would do a great job.

First Round (R1:25): TE Dalton Kincaid, Utah

This pick was an interesting one, but one that could pay off big time. Dalton Kincaid was more of a slot WR in college, as opposed to TE, but that’s just what the Bills needed. After the initial backlash, many Bills fans found reasons to buy in on him. The greatest part of his game is his ball skills and hands. He only had 2 drops on a total of 126 receptions, which is a very low 1.6% drop rate. His amazing body control has helped him out tremendously, as he always seems to get an extra 3-4 yards after contact. All in all, Dalton Kincaid is set up to be a great weapon for the Buffalo Bills this upcoming season, and a great start to the 2023 draft. 

Second Round (R2:59): G O’Cyrus Torrence, Florida

This was an absolute A+ of a pick. Bills fans, and overall NFL fans were expecting him to be a first round pick, and he was easily the best guard in the draft. The Bills paid a different guard earlier in the off-season, Connor McGovern, but he is not a good enough player to not take O’Cyrus Torrence. O’Cyrus stands at an impressive 6’5, 330 pounds, but moves very well for his size. He is a dominant run blocker, and an anchor in pass protection. His physicality at the line of scrimmage is incredible, and fits perfectly in the Bills offense. Another great pick for Brandon Beane, as he was one step closer to fixing all of the Bills biggest needs.

Third Round (R3:91): LB Dorian Williams, Tulane

This pick is very intriguing for the Bills. While we don’t know if he will be able to fill in for Tremaine Edmunds right away at the Mike LB position, we know he has the athleticism to do it. Dorian Williams is 6’1 220 lbs, but somehow plays even bigger than that. He plays with a very high motor which is most likely the Bills favorite part about him. His frame and movement skills are fantastic and could help him become a great linebacker in the NFL. However, there are some concerns. He is not very good at playing through blocks, mostly because of his below average contact balance. He doesn’t react as quickly as you’d like him to either, but he definitely has the talent to make up for it. This pick filled up the last glaring need for the Bills, so you have to credit GM Brandon Beane for fixing those holes. 

Fifth Round (R5:150): WR Justin Shorter, Florida

Another fun pick for the Buffalo Bills in WR Justin Shorter. He was a great option in college for Anthony Richardson, who went 4th overall in the draft to the Indianapolis Colts. The Bills main problem at receiver was that they had no size, and that definitely fixes that problem. Justin stands at a staggering 6’4 223 lbs, easily the biggest receiver in the Bills WR room. He is mainly a big body possession receiver, who can make those tough catches. He consistently makes 50/50 catches, and is a great red zone threat. His big problem is he cannot separate very well with his route running, but he makes up for it with his contested catches. He also reunites with O’Cyrus Torrence, who was picked by the Bills just a few rounds ahead of him. 

Seventh Round (R7:230): G Nick Broeker, Ole Miss

This is the definition of a Buffalo Bills offensive lineman. He has a ton of positional versatility, playing both LT and G in college. His biggest strength is that he has incredible lateral movement, allowing him to thrive in zone run schemes. His quickness at the line of scrimmage allows him to cut off defenders, and get to the second level often. The main concern with him is that his strength is not great. Due to this he can’t often hold run blocks for too long, and can’t be an anchor in pass protection. He probably won’t start for the Bills, but as long as he keeps improving he could be a solid backup lineman. 

Seventh Round (R7:252): CB Alex Austin, Oregon State

Alex Austin could be a potential huge steal for the Bills in the seventh round. He has the ideal frame for an NFL cornerback, standing at 6’1 and 191 lbs. Many people projected him to go earlier than one of the last picks in the NFL draft, so the Bills lucked out. He is a very good athlete on top of all of that, and doesn’t shy away from competition. He does have some tackling mechanic issues, but he does not shy away from the contact, so if it can get fixed he could be a very reliable tackler in the league. His situational awareness also needs to be improved on, but the Bills could definitely fix that for him. Credit to Brandon Beane for ending the draft on a high note. 

photo from pixabay.com/vectors/nfl-national-football-league-logo-3644686/