Staying Alive (Just Not Healthy)

Despite several injuries to key players, the New York Mets managed to make the playoffs. They had a solid start to the year in which all their star pitchers looked healthy and primed for another deep playoff run following their World Series appearance. Even the offense, which struggled in 2015, was clicking on all cylinders, averaging over five runs per game during the first month of the season. However, starting in May, nothing went the Metropolitans’ way when it came to injuries.

Matt Harvey, one of the centerpieces of the team, was shut down for the year with an elbow injury. Jacob Degrom, another one of the Mets ace pitchers, was forced to end his season also due to an elbow injury. Zack Wheeler, who had a promising rookie season but was forced to miss last season because of Tommy John surgery, was due to return to the rotation this year. However, he suffered a few setbacks, pushing his return date to 2017. First basemen Lucas Duda missed several months because of an injured back. Second basemen Neil Walker also suffered a back injury which ended his season. Star outfielder Yoenis Cespedes and shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera were in and out of the lineup all year. With all these key players either missing or not 100%, it seemed like the Mets would be playing golf in October. They were 2.5 games back of the second wild card and 5 games back of the first Wild Card spot at the start of August. However, a slew of unusual suspects stepped up to give the Mets the first wild card spot. From August 20th to the end of the season, the Mets went  26-13,  which was good for the best record in baseball in that span. Cespedes returned to his normal self, blasting home runs at a blistering pace since the Mets hot streak started. Curtis Granderson did his part as well. He was abysmal for the first four months of the season, but as he got hot, the Mets did too.

Both Mets fans and baseball fans in general were surprised by the Metropolitans’ ability to stay afloat. “ I can’t believe they (Mets) even made the playoffs,” said Senior Darrin Simons. He went on to say, “There was a point in the season that I stopped watching because I thought it was over.” He isn’t the only one either. Other Met fans found their savior in Asdrubal Cabrera, and for good reason. He has put up monster numbers in the last couple months of the season. “Cabrera saved our season,” Tyler Sullivan said. “He was the spark for the incredible run the Mets  went on!” exclaimed Tyler. Whether they were shocked or expecting it, fans are thrilled nonetheless by the raging hot Cabrera and the success he brought the Mets.

It is ridiculous how many key players got injured, yet the Mets continued to make a playoff push. Eventually they landed the first wild card spot. However, they fell short to the remarkable Madison Bumgarner in the one-game playoff. Despite not making it as far as last year, the season was still a success and showed this franchise’s resilience. Next year, they will be back to full health and hope to finish what they started back in 2015.