Vying “Fore” Attention

October 17, 2016

Farmingdale High School has a wide variety of clubs and athletics available to the students after school. One sport in particular that does not get much recognition is the golf team. Farmingdale’s golf team has had great athletes that have gone off to college and have continued to play golf there, and athletes currently playing that want to have a future with the game. Farmingdale’s golf team now is still a great team filled with great athletes that love the game. Other sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and volleyball have many former and new players that look forward to playing every year; however, the golf team does not always get the recognition that it deserves.  

Playing on a school golf team can be beneficial in many ways. A person can be inspired to pursue a career in golf based upon the liking to the sport, or a person could include that they have played golf in high school on a college application. Farmingdale High School student and member of the golf team, Anthony Mazzella, believes that he can have a future with the game. “I think that if I keep playing the game, and keep practicing, then I can have a future with golf,” says Anthony. If a player is an exceptional athlete, colleges may give them scholarships too. Dalers golf has so many reasons to be a very well known and recognized sport, but not many people know about it. If more people played the game, golf would grow to be an even bigger sport than it is  now.

Golf has many reasons as to why it should be played and recognized as a high school sport. Because of the many opportunities that golf has to offer, more people should at the very least try it, or recommend it to a friend or sibling. Golf can give people so many opportunities in the future which is why it deserves much more recognition.

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