The Sensation of Summer

There is a certain vibe that each season brings—a calling to a feeling, stirred by each moment spent in that passage of time, each breath taken, and each blink of the eye. Summer is a rollercoaster of sensations. There are the low, dull moments where you’re riding uphill, “stay-cationing” and binge-watching a good show, or enjoying a 24-hour long movie marathon. There are moments when you stay up until the sun rises and watch it blend and then burst into an endless blue summer sky; then there are the moments when you only wake when the sun sets and you see it fall behind the perspective line, and you just know that a good new day is about to greet you when the sky opens its eyes once more. Then the highs hit you: fireworks and sparklers, amusements parks, concerts, summer festivals, and dancing in the moonlight. It’s a stage show that you run, and how the potential of summer is carried out is up to you.

There is no one way to spend summer. One senior says he went to five concerts this summer. If that isn’t impressive, then I don’t know what is! The same individual also spent some time traveling, and what better way to spend summer? There isn’t a “better” way, really, but traveling is still one sure-to-be memorable way to spend it. Traveling is one of the best ways to celebrate summer and the freedom that summer vacation allows the souls of liberated students. Junior Daniela Higuera spent a historic three months in the United Kingdom, touring the beautiful countries of England and Wales and immersing herself in the culture of the age old city of London. The stop there was to her the crown jewel of the trip, especially when she stopped by at the rumored-to be-haunted and story-rich Tower of London. Another Junior, Cecelia Germain, spent most of her vacation at her great grandmother’s. That’s a sweet way to enjoy the warmth and delight that summer brings—with family! However, if you’re like me you might spend most of your summer relaxing, binge-watching, reading, and traveling minimally. On the other hand, you could be like Sophomore Gisselle Rosales (who no longer attends FHS as of the end of last year), who spent a busy summer producing poems, running errands with family, and bonding with family members. There isn’t really a right way to “summer.”

    There’s no right way or wrong way to experience summer. It’s important to remember that something is always gained, be it a new interest, a new experience, happy memories, lessons, or just a break. Anyone can see from that commercial “she spent her summer binge-watching…” and the road trip movie “Paper Towns” that time can be focused around low points or high points. Just like the dreams of students on the first night of vacation, the potentialities of summer and her activities are endless. Summer is as endless as her roaming, ranging skies.