Nine Days of Non-Stop Fashion

Nicole Hamberger, Staff Writer

There are two times a year when every American in fashion will look to the New York runways with excitement, elation, and awe.  These two events both individually span over nine days, but they are still known as Fashion Week.  Just wrapping up last week on September 15th, the 2016 New York Fashion Week showcased the designers collections for Spring 2017.  Fashion designers spend months preparing and designing their collections for fashion week, which averages to about 30-40 head-to-toe looks.  The fashion week shows start as early as 9:00 a.m and end as late as 9:30 p.m.  For everyone involved, it is nine days of non-stop fashion.

Hundreds of designers show their collections at New York Fashion week.  Two of the most popular and beloved collections this year have been Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs.

Alexander Wang’s was a sleek black, white and light-blue streetwear collection with cutouts, v-shaped necklines, and the popular trend of ruffles.  He also incorporated more sporty looks with vibrant and neon colors and ended the show by revealing his upcoming collaboration collection with Adidas.  

Marc Jacobs’ was the last collection of Fashion Week, and it was an illuminating ending.  He presented his collection under hundreds of hanging light bulbs that shone and reflected off the metallic and beaded fabrics on the runway.  He put every model in sky-high 70s platform shoes and rainbow dreadlocks.  He showed animal prints, camouflage, stripes, patchwork, fur, sequins and sheer; but somehow it all worked together, and looked like a cohesive collection.

After months of hard work, the designers now have a little time to relax.  However, in just a few months, February 2017, they will be back in New York to show their new collections for the next season: Fall 2018.