Homecoming Floats

Rachel Pugliese, Staff Writer

What else says school spirit like each class coming together in a competition to create a green-and-white clad masterpiece? The construction of the homecoming floats brings together the artistic and critical minds from each grade, feeding a rivalry between classes while also encouraging school spirit.

New York, Washington DC, Hollywood, and Orlando. You guessed it. This year’s homecoming float theme was U.S cities. Members of each grade met after school to plan, design, and assemble their class floats several times a week. And the result? Four structures encompassing Daler pride. “When you start the process, you think that your concept will never come to be because you literally have a blank board,” explained Ms. Verre, one of the supervisors of the class of 2017, “But as you start to assemble it, you see which ideas will work and which ones are too difficult. By the end it’s just figuring out which details you need to add.” The amount of time, effort, and thought put into each float is astounding. Each class had their own way of doing it, their own process. However, they all end up finished on time and look well put together. “I’m very confident in and very proud of the seniors, because we’ve had the three years of prior experience, and it has helped us to know what we like and what the judges like. However, I was impressed with all the floats this year, and all the work put in,” added Ms. Verre. Each float had its own unique flare. Some incorporated the Dalers mascot- the lion- while others represented our school with the marching band or the school staff.

The float competition along with all the other activities over the course of the week contribute to the entirety of the event. Without a little competitive spirit, homecoming just wouldn’t be homecoming.