For The Students, By The Students

Catherine Goodheart, Staff Writer

Need help with your essay?  Well, “Write On!”

Mrs. Monitto and Mrs. Rossi, two English teachers,  have teamed up to create the Farmingdale Student Writing Center, Write On! The meetings take place in the upstairs library during periods 4A, 5B, 7A, and 8B.  The goal of the program is to get students from each grade approved to be tutors to help other students with any form of writing. “I had a senior that was working with me interning with the freshman class that I had last year and the way in which they responded to her was really positive.  Just because it’s a generational gap between me and my students, that doesn’t exist between kids working with other kids,”  says Mrs. Rossi, an English teacher here at FHS.

Within the first week of the Student Writing Center opening, one student dropped by and one of the many tutors helped, but both tutors and teachers would enjoy more people taking advantage of this program.  Sarah Rodriguez, a Junior and tutor for the Student Writing Center said she joined “originally because I wanted something to do during my free period, but now that I’ve gotten to speak to the teachers running the program, I’m very excited to help others.”

Write On! hopes to not only help improve writing skills, but also help students break away from their reputations and social boundaries. Mrs. Rossi said, “ If you can extend beyond certain clicks and social groupings and really connect one on one by helping each other out and doing things that I can’t do because you guys are part of the same generation, then we have achieved one of the many goals of the Student Writing Center.”  The Student Writing Center is  going to help many students and by far be one of the most influential programs at Farmingdale High School.