Alecia Sclafani, Co-Editor in Chief

Waking up on a Monday morning is seldom something students look forward to. However, the morning of Halloween proved to be an exception for seniors participating in the annual Halloween parade. They walk down Woodward Parkway to the elementary school, then parade around the front parking lot for the eager elementary school students. Participants showed up in zany, elaborate costumes that were planned and executed well in advance. Everyone, students and teachers alike, looks forward to getting a glimpse of what other students came up with. Despite only being a snippet of the festive day, the three hours were well spent celebrating Halloween as a senior class.

Though not every participant was in a group, there were several groups appearing to take over the cafeteria. Despite being in Farmingdale High School, for a few moments it almost felt like all of the seniors were transported to a presidential debate with all of the Donald Trumps walking around. Dinosaurs roamed the Halloween decorated cafeteria, while Lego characters bustled about and the Disney Princesses seemed to float gracefully instead of walking. The anticipation amongst varying characters was high, and for once, everyone seemed to be complimenting everyone.

Everyone believed their costumes were the best of the best, but each person could commend opposing groups. Secretly, everyone was vying for the $25 gift cards, and the glory of winning a category. That was the beauty of the day: everyone was someone else for the day, bonding the members of the senior class, and it provided a fun, memorable experience for seniors and the kids.

After perusing in front of the panel of judges consisting of teachers, seniors embarked on the seemingly long trek to Woodward Parkway Elementary. Chilly breezes and walking in bulky costumes were nothing to the all-powerful seniors in their Halloween gear. Bracing for the cold was no easy feat, but it was worth all of the smiles and cheers from the animated elementary school students upon arrival. A small surge of fame jolted through every senior as they marched throughout the teacher’s parking lot at the elementary school. On the temporary fame, senior Jess Celenza claimed, “I felt like a celebrity!” Numerous children reached out their hands for high-fives, or were just as excited to wave and shout to the characters they saw, and seniors were just as happy to accommodate them. Sadly, the senior class only made two trips around before they were exiting the lot and walking back to the high school.

For students that attended Woodward Parkway Elementary School, this was more than just a stroll and a “get out of school” free card. Several students remember attending the same Halloween parade when they were younger. It was a bittersweet event, since several seniors had these memories to look back on. They were suddenly in the place of the seniors who previously made them smile just as brightly. On this matter, Kelly Gilleran felt, “it was a really fun experience seeing the little kids dressed up because I went to Saltzman and we never had a parade like this.”


*** Photo courtesy of Lifetouch