Nineties to Now

Nicole Hamberger, Staff Writer

What goes around comes around, especially in fashion.  Over time, certain trends lose their popularity and fall out of the public eye and the public closets.  With this, a wave of new trends will swoop in and quickly fill all department stores and boutiques.  These new trends will bring a sense of familiarity, because more often than not, they are repeated trends from years and decades past.  In the last few years, fashion has become especially nostalgic, taking the 21st century back to the love of scrunchies, the popularity of grunge, and the envy of Cher Horowitz.  Being born right at the turn of the 90s to the 2000s,  it was impossible for us to appreciate fashions and culture of the infamous decade.  Now we get a little of the experience, at least while getting dressed in the morning, because the 90s are back in fashion.  

One of the biggest trends today that has reappeared from the 90s is choker necklaces.  Chokers first emerged as one, most likely black, strand fitting closely around the neck; chokers have evolved to be many different materials and colors and have many different charms and layers than they did originally.  Also, the 1990s were the beginning of a grunge style era, so all the leather jackets, flannel shirts, and combat boots that have been especially popular in the past few years have been inspired by and taken from the 90s.  Perhaps one of the most popular trends from the 90s, coinciding with a rock-and-roll era of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, was styling denim-on-denim.  Pairing blue jeans with a denim jacket or a denim shirt would have been unthinkable a few years ago, but now it is again becoming a girl’s easy go-to outfit.

In the 90s, the minimalist style was just as popular as grunge.  It was emulated by fashion icon Kate Moss, who wore simple pieces that made a big statement.  Most notably, her famous slip dresses are making a comeback today for dinner dates and even on the red carpet.  The slip dress is the pinnacle of minimalist style.  It is a sleeveless dress with very narrow shoulder straps and falls either to the knee or to the floor.  It is usually made of silk and it is not formfitting, but  just effortlessly drapes, or slips, over the body.  The off-the-shoulder style is also increasing appearance, on evening gowns as well, or casually paired with typical 90s ripped and frayed jeans.  Crop tops have experienced a massive return in the past few years as well.  Today, black and white crop tops have quickly become staple items in many girls’ wardrobes.  

The resurgence of 90s fashion in 2016 is exciting and interesting.  The 1990s was a distinct decade in fashion: rebellious and cool but still chic and interesting.  It gave us some of our favorite clothing pieces today.  The next time you grab a scrunchie to put up your hair while watching an episode of Friends, be sure to thank the 90s.