Alayna Camisa, Staff Writer

* UPDATE: All Adopt-a-Family cards have been taken! Thank you FHS! Presents and cards were due by Thursday, December 15th! If you have not yet returned your presents/cards, please do so!


Christmas is one of the most exciting and cheerful holidays of the year. Families spend quality time together and celebrate by exchanging presents. However, many people cannot celebrate with their families in this way due to financial reasons. There are about 65 students in the Farmingdale School District who struggle every single day. These students do not have a permanent home or enough money to pay for school lunch. It’s devastating to think about a Daler in that situation.

The Farmingdale Student Government Association, led by advisors Mrs. Megan Grant and Ivelysse Powers, is involved in organizing Adopt-a-Family, a toy drive where students, parents, teachers, and administrators can help save Christmas for our Dalers in need.

SGA asked each family in need for a list of  presents their children would want to receive on Christmas. Each requested present goes onto a slip that is located in the main office. For example, a person who comes and takes a slip can see that a girl who is 5 years old wants a red dress in a size that is provided on the card. Then that person follows the card and buys a red dress for the girl.

“Seven years ago, the school started to focus on people in our district. Social workers in the Farmingdale School District would assemble Christmas lists with ages and sizes for families in need,” Mrs. Grant explains.

Students at Farmingdale High School stay after school and put their time into organizing this event by putting the Christmas present requests on separate cards with the information that was provided by the social workers. “This year we are working with nine families and 29 children. Everything from winter coats to baby dolls to socks,” Mrs. Grant explained, smiling at the thought of helping this many children.

It is really important to not only think of yourself, but to think of others. Thinking of others cannot only benefit the person you are helping, but it will also benefit you by developing you into a better, well- rounded human.

Everyone wants the holidays to be special. In order to make that wish come true for some fellow Dalers, stop in the main office and participate in Adopt-a-Family.