Finally, a Fashion Club

Nicole Hamberger, Staff Writer

Even with Farmingdale High School’s extensive list of after school clubs that seem to cover all interests, the school has never had a fashion club.  There has never been a time or place where Farmingdale High School students interested in fashion could come together to discuss, make, or learn about fashion all in one after school club.  It was a void for many, myself included.  But thankfully this year that void has been filled.  Farmingdale High School finally has a Fashion Club.

The club was started by Art and Fashion Design teacher Mrs. Palermo, who stated she was prompted to start the club because, “I wanted students studying fashion to have a place to learn, create, and take on leadership roles, while having fun and meeting new friends.”  The fashion club has attracted students from all grades and interests in fashion, “I joined the club because I really love fashion,” says senior Caitlin Magrane, “I want to pursue fashion in college and I thought the club would be beneficial and enjoyable!”  As of now, the club has met Caitlin’s and many other students’ expectations.  So far this year the club has had three meetings; and in those meetings, over 25 students were brainstorming, researching, and creating the future plans for the Fashion Club.  

With so many creative and different people in the club, the members have created a long and intriguing list of activities.  The Fashion Club hopes to host a fashion show and showcase outfits the club members have sewn and made themselves, and even model the clothes themselves.  They also have ideas to start a fashion blog, posting everything from daily outfit ideas, fashion inspirations, and do-it-yourself fashion projects to spruce up old clothes and create a new and interesting wardrobe.  The blog would also post current trends for students to follow, use, and look out for.  These trends will be found by members watching current and past fashion shows together as a club, possibly and probably including many from the four fashion weeks around the world this past September (hopefully including my personal favorite show from Marc Jacobs).  As for Mrs. Palermo, her ideas are, “Basic sketching and illustration, as well as community activities such as fashion shows, mini-magazines, and fundraisers for local charities.”  

Beginners and advanced fashion students will all be able to learn something in the club. The list of plans is definitely lengthy and perhaps ambitious, but the Fashion Club hopes to get as much done as they can and create a successful first year as a club. Some students have joined just to hang out with their friends and learn a little about fashion, while other students joined because they have a true passion for fashion. Students interested in fashion, and even some students who are not interested just yet, should join the club and try it out because it is creative, fun, relaxing, and one-of-a-kind at Farmingdale High School.  As for the future, Caitlin Magrane says it best when she states, “I’m very excited to see where the club goes!”