Book Review: The Fever Code

Kasiya Lamberty, Staff Writer

The Fever Code is the fifth and final book in James Dashner’s Maze Runner series. In the beginning of the story, you will be greeted with the flashbacks of some characters, which helps you focus on past events before the maze trials even began. The Fever Code starts off by giving you an insight on some of the characters’ lives before they were recruited to help WICKED find a cure for the flare virus. You will follow the main character and first person narrator, Thomas, as he faces challenges throughout the story.

Slowly the story builds up momentum as you begin to piece all of the clues together, answering any questions left unanswered by the previous books. While progressing throughout the book you will find yourself constantly debating the true intentions of WICKED in the first place. With time and patience running out, the team behind WICKED decides it’s time to push their plans forward, rushing their subjects into action.

At every twist and turn one question will continue to stand: How far will WICKED go in order to obtain that antidote? Will the minds behind this organization set aside any precautions in order to save the human race from extinction, even if it may cost them lives? How far will Thomas go to save his friends? Once you’ve reached the end of this book you will understand the objectives of WICKED and its hidden away truths. If one thing is for certain in the Fever Code, it is that nothing is as it appears to be.