Kanye’s Antics: Concert/Rant and the Aftermath

Darrin Simons , Staff Writer

Sacramento paid for a show.

Sacramento received a short-lived temper tantrum.

Kanye West was scheduled to perform to a crowd in Sacramento. Many fans paid good money to enjoy hours of a live performance by Yeezus and maybe a few surprise guests. He did bring Kid Cudi on stage to provide the audience with three song performances. However, the show turned sour when Ye abruptly stopped to rant on about Jay Z, Beyonce and Hillary Clinton. He briefly talked about the recent beef he had with Beyonce and Jay Z individually, then went on to bash the political figure Hillary Clinton. And that’s all she wrote – three songs and fifteen minutes of drama is considered a concert to Mr. West.

Kanye’s “concert” received plenty of distasteful reactions. Rapper Bow Wow took the situation personally. He released statements on instagram firing shots at Kanye, mostly regarding his early-show-ending antics. “Fans have the power to change an artist’s life… The riches come from the people.” Bow Wow feels every artist, including Kanye, should be appreciative of his or her fans. “Wake up!…Yall support artist who A. Over charge yall for everything. B. Walks out on yall shows. Shows up 6 hours late. Artist feel they can do this to yall because of the power YOU GAVE THEM. Take that s#*t back!” Disappointed fans expressed their reactions on twitter.

GeraJose @Geras_510

I want my money back #pablotour

2:11 AM – 18 Nov 20

Raheem Shabazz @Homeboiyardee

I can’t say I’m fully surprised by Kanye, but I’m still hurt. His music has done so much for me but I don’t know who this new Kanye West is.

9:09 AM – 18 Nov 2016

The negative buzz Kanye has created on account of his hysterics seems to only escalate with time. Rapper J Cole released his song “False Prophets” a few days ago, including his views on Kanye and his uncontainable influence, regardless of his instability. He starts off by stating how much of an inspiration Yeezy is to him.

There was a time when this ***** was my hero

Maybe that’s the reason why his fall from grace is hard to take.”

The “fall from grace” J Cole addresses refers to Kanye’s rants on his tour, along with his unpredictability. He mentions how Kanye’s claim to realness does not add up with all the fakeness surrounding him, the Kardashians to be the first to name.

“Nobody… to say somethin’ to contest him, So he grows out of control,

Into the person that he truly was all along, it’s startin’ to show,

Damn, wonder what happened.”

Ye’s fame has spiraled into uncontrollable territory. But he still has everyone talking about him, including myself. And whose fault is that?


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license