Chapecoense Plane Crash

Nilson Fuentes, Staff Writer

A professional soccer club from Brazil (Chapecoense soccer club) was heading to Columbia when a tragedy happened: a plane crashed into the side of a mountain near Medellin, Colombia. They were heading to Columbia because they were going to play in a Copa Sudamericana final against Atletico Nacional (Colombian team). Colombian authorities say the reason the plane crashed is because the plane ran out of fuel and the plane tried to land but couldn’t get to their destination on time. 77 people were killed and only 6 survived in the crash.

According to Sports Illustrated, “The club, known as Chape, was in the midst of a remarkable run. The club was playing in Brazil’s fourth division as recently as 2009, but it won promotion to the top of the league in 2014 for the first time since the 1970’s.” Just when the team was doing amazing and having so much success in the club, this horrific accident happens. “This is horrible for the city but even worse for the families,” said Sonia Smaniotto, a Columbian psychologist. Just knowing that having a family member or friend that has a successful professional soccer career just passes away in a blink of an eye is extremely heart-breaking.

This tragedy happened to a very small club in Brazil that was breaking records, winning championships, and getting promoted. Among the best players in the world, such as James Rodriguez and Marcelo, gave their blessings to all the people in Brazil and to the players and family members. Atletico Nacional was so kind that they gave the Copa Sudamericana (championship) to Chapecoense without hesitation. RIP to all the Chapecoense players.     


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license