The 2016 Presidential Election

Grace Brosnan, Staff Writer

In a country divided, we try and stand united. Some in our country have reacted positively to Donald Trump’s victory in November’s presidential election, while others have reacted in a very negative way. Regardless of our opinions on the election results, we should not be focusing on the negative side of things. We should be joined together to make us stronger instead of remaining divided and showing our weaker side at this point of history.

Since the election that placed Donald Trump into our presidential office, many outbursts have erupted in response to his election. Our country appears to be divided and in the absolute worst way. Many people took this election as a way to fight for what they believe in. After the election, many people immediately started protesting against President-Elect Trump. They believed that he should not have been put into office and decided to spread their point of view. They stood in front of Trump Tower in New York City, screaming their words of freedom to the skyscraper in front of them. Protests were also held in Chicago, Los Angeles, and beyond, each demonstration passionately expressing disgust with the election results.

But as half the country rejected the idea as Trump being our new president, the other half rejoiced in his triumph. Being as Trump did win the election, half our country was extremely pleased with the results. Many parties were thrown in his favor and his supporters were chanting, “USA! USA!” These people were celebrating the promises Trump made and the belief that he would fulfill them.

But along with the Anti-Trump protests in our country and positive responses, the reaction of America’s election has also taken a global spin. Other countries have responded to our election in a very divided tone as well. Some countries have admitted to have been a Hillary Clinton supporters and are adapting to the realization that President-Elect Trump is our new president. Other countries, like some in Europe, have a little anxiety and are taking our election as a European “wake-up call.” “The events of the last months and days should be treated as a warning sign for all who believe in liberal democracy,” said Mr. Tusk, a former prime minister of Poland (as reported by The New York Times). These countries are seriously using our election as guidelines to what to do or not to do in their own style of government. Europe is using our election as a way to get their act together instead of being so dependent on America: “We cannot be dependent anymore on the U.S., we have to take charge of our own destiny. Europe should get its act together, too, and set its internal differences aside.” Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of a predominant group of lawmakers in the European Parliament said the European nations are both equally trying to become more dependent and supportive towards American’s decision.

Other countries, such as Russia, were happy with the outcome of our election. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia commented that he is excited to work with Trump. He called him “a bright and talented person without any doubt.” The Russian press has been publishing praise for Trump in their media, even writing an article on how Trump and Putin could be great allies.

Along with other countries responding to our election, social media has influenced our election immensely. The candidates argued during the debates, but they also battled on Twitter. Both Clinton and Trump used their Twitter accounts to spread their beliefs and express themselves. Along with the candidates arguing, this also led to their supporters quarreling online. Trump reportedly commented that the use of social media helped him gain his presidential title. Twitter, along with other social media, became a legitimate part of the political conversation.

All in all, the stress of what this election has done for our country should be relieved immediately. Yes, we should be able to voice our opinions and encourage others to do so as well, but we shouldn’t be abusing our use of freedoms in a violent way that could endanger innocent citizens of the United States. Whether we voice our opinions through social media or through protests, we should do so with peace and respect. Peacefully protest, peacefully comment, and peacefully express our freedoms.

* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license