In Memory of Bill Hewitt

Jack Rosen, Sports Editor

On April 15, 2013 Bill Hewitt, a Farmingdale graduate back in 1968, was in a horrific car crash. For three years he fought to save his life. However this past October, he passed away from natural causes.

Bill Hewitt was a big part of the Farmingdale community, and more specifically the wrestling community. During his years in Farmingdale High School he was a champion wrestler, winning tons of matches and even going All-County, which is quite the feat. He was very successful after graduating from Farmingdale, yet he never forgot where he came from.He was a great part of the Farmingdale wrestling community, always giving back and helping out whenever possible. Starting in 2002, Bill Hewitt gave a five thousand dollar scholarship every year to a graduating senior. For years he helped students he didn’t even know pay for college, because that was just the kind of guy he was.

Bill Hewitt was a wonderful man, beloved by everyone who knew him, and he will be greatly missed and always remembered by the Farmingdale and wrestling community.

* Photo from 1968 FHS yearbook