Adopt-A-Family: Thank you, Farmingdale!

Alayna Camisa, Staff Writer

This past month the Student Government Association has been overwhelmed with the presents they have received for Adopt-a-Family. They were so happy and thankful that so many people participated in this drive.

On Tuesday, December 20th, SGA wrapped over a hundred gifts for all the children in this district whose families cannot afford gifts. Wrapping the presents with them was a wonderful experience and gave me more Christmas spirit. We wrapped them like we were elves in the north pole. My favorite part was when we sang our hearts out while wrapping the colorful paper around the toys. When we were done with wrapping the presents, we separated each child’s pile and put each pile into huge bags.

It’s a great feeling to have before the holidays to know that we have all helped some local families have best Christmas ever. Thank you to all who participated in this program and we hope you have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!