The Seuss is Loose!

Jared Cacace, Staff Writer

When an individual or a group of people put their heart and soul into something, it rarely fails to capture the attention and praise of a spectator or onlooker. To put blood, sweat and tears into what you are doing is no facile task, even if you enjoy the process and simply cannot wait to see the finished product.

I can say, with utmost honesty and respect, that the Farmingdale Playcrafters have succeeded in not only showcasing the immense amount of time and effort incorporated into this production, but also in beholding the true meaning behind a cohesive team intended to amaze an audience. Such is the reason why the Farmingdale Playcrafters’ production of Seussical the Musical shines so bright.

The production begins and you are almost immediately whisked away into a bright, fantastically bombastic world that seems to have been plucked straight out of your childhood bedtime stories. The costumes are vibrant and colorful, complementing the makeup and hair, blending in well with the overall atmosphere and tone of the production. The set pieces on stage also contribute something exquisitely special to the show, as they were clearly crafted with great care; one example being a small staircase comprised of steps that look like various Dr. Seuss books. Fun fact: according to the director, Jessica Mischke, the entire set for the show was built in just five weeks!

One of the most important aspects of any musical is, needless to say, music – yet another factor by which the Playcrafters make their mark upon the audience. From solos, to small group numbers, to full ensemble songs, the Playcrafters are superb in their musical prowess. Seussical the Musical is especially time consuming because, as explained by the director, Jessica Mischke, “There were a lot of group songs requiring a lot of time because Seussical is an ensemble show, meaning a lot of groups singing in harmony.” Some music that I felt certainly embodied the talent of the cast was Gertrude’s solo, “The One Feather Tail of Gertrude McFuzz,” the catchy beat in Schmitz and the cadets’ “The Military,” and the eloquent harmonies laced into “Solla Sollew.” The orchestra also does a fantastic job of accompanying the performers – setting the tone for songs by way of fleshing out the instrumentals to make it sound that much better.

While bringing “Seussical the Musical” to life, the cast also brings to the audience the morals and lessons the storyline of the play has to offer. Through the struggle of Horton trying to protect the Whos in Whoville (inconveniently located on a random clover) as the residents of the Jungle of Nool deny the Whos’ existence, thus impeding on Horton’s efforts to save them, we learn that it is always worth it to do right by others, no matter the effort we must make or how small the issue. Even Gertrude McFuzz’ side plot has its own message to tout. After realizing that growing a long, feathery, fashionable tail in attempts to impress Horton was, in actuality, a less-than-noble idea, hence finding the clover with Whoville on it, she learns to simply be herself; external beauty does not compare to the beauty within by being a good person and doing the right thing.

The Farmingdale Playcrafters have always made sure that their shows are up to snuff; their showing of “Seussical the Musical” is no exception. I was not the only one moved by the production. “I was so happy with the final product, we lost a lot of seniors last year but the students this year really stepped up to the plate,” Mischke excitedly remarked. With beautiful set designs, wonderful actors, and music that doesn’t fail to put a grin on your face and light up your heart with a childlike wonder, once again – the Playcrafters have put on a show nothing less than phenomenal. Without a doubt, the Playcrafters have rightfully earned the praise bestowed upon them this year and will undoubtedly pull it off again for years to come.