Nike is Officially Out of the Golf Equipment Industry

Justin Bifolco, Staff Writer

Nike has officially announced that they will be exiting the golf club-making business. Nike is claiming they want to focus on the apparel and golf shoes rather than continue making golf balls, clubs, and bags. This has made it uncertain as to where players, who were originally sponsored by Nike, will go for new equipment, including Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy. Rory Mcilroy has been seen practicing with other golf clubs and it looks as if Tiger has his equipment in mind.

Tiger Woods had announced that he would compete in the Hero World Challenge golf tournament, which began on Thursday, December 1st and ended on Sunday, December 4th. This was very exciting news because Tiger had not competed in professional golf for about fifteen months. Because of this announcement and Nike’s announcement, Tiger Woods is now an equipment free agent, which means he could use any equipment he chose for this tournament. As for Rory Mcilroy, he has been seen using golf clubs made by the company, Taylormade, who is currently a sponsor of the world’s number one golfer, Jason Day. Rory has been sponsored by Nike for almost his entire golf career and has used their equipment for almost his entire career too; however it seems as if he might benefit from using other equipment because he has not won a major in golf since 2014, and it seems as if he has not been happy with his golf game lately. Recently, however, Rory had traded his Nike putter for a Scotty Cameron putter. With this in his bag he has won the FedEx Cup, earning him around ten- million dollars.

With these new changes brought about recently by Nike, will players benefit by using different equipment? Rory Mcilroy might benefit, but will a change help Tiger Woods with his comeback?


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license