The Bachelor, Week One: “Get Your Own Damn Cucumbers!”

After three heart-breaking attempts at finding love, Nick Viall is back to try again as the Bachelor. Surrounded by 30 beautiful woman instead of only one, Nick has a shot at finding true love. The network’s choice to name Nick the next Bachelor is considered to be very controversial due to Nick’s past bad boy persona. He beat out season 12 Bachelorette contestant Luke Pell, a fan favorite who was supposed to compete to find love this season. Watching Nick Viall try to find love for a fourth time will keep everyone on their toes. Hopefully this time around, Nick’s journey ends in a proposal and his own happy ending, one he rightfully deserves. If you do not want to read any spoilers from week one, stop reading now.

This past Monday we got to meet the 30 women who are competing for Nick’s heart. Just like the previous years, this year’s girls were all very beautiful. Some of the entrances certainly made a splash, like Alexis who wore a shark costume all night claiming it was a dolphin. A woman named Josephine shared a hot dog with Nick Lady and the Tramp style after referring to him as “wiener in her book.” *Just a side note, it would have been such a funny pun if they didn’t share the wiener that was also undercooked!* Another woman, Sarah, jogged up in running shoes claiming Nick wasn’t a runner-up, a comical reference to him coming in second place when he was on seasons 10 and 11 of the Bachelorette.

There were a few stand outs to us on night one. There was Raven, a small town business owner, Vanessa, a special needs teacher, and Rachel, an attorney who received the coveted first impression rose. All the women pine for the rose, as it grants immunity for the rose ceremony following the socializing between contestants and the bachelor. The rose ceremony is a simple procedure, but sends nearly all viewers into cardiac arrest while waiting for the bachelor to distribute roses to the contestants he wishes to continue getting to know. But, as Bachelor experts, we can vouch for the three women previously mentioned. After just one episode, we’re already rooting for them the most amongst the sea of girls we’re only just getting to know. Other favorites of ours are Danielle L., another small business owner, Danielle M., a neonatal nurse, Sarah, a grade school teacher, and Taylor, a mental health counselor who made a daring entrance by insulting.

With 30 girls on the first night, it’s easy to slip through the cracks by not getting screen time or time to chat with Nick, both equally vital to staying another week and continuing the journey of (hopefully) finding love. Despite many still seeming like a stranger in a pretty red dress (the chosen color for many of the woman) , or someone we already want to see make to the final four, there were a few women that stuck out. Not in the most appealing way, though. From the moment her backstory popped up, Corinne, a business owner, became a controversial contestant. *Just a side note, this woman is inheriting the company from her father. She did not build up this multi-million dollar company, despite her pompous, entitled attitude saying so. Another side note, I am not looking forward to hearing her whine and complain this entire season. We get it, you want Nick, and supposedly always get what you want. Every time she opens her mouth, I roll my eyes harder and harder, so much that they’re probably going to fall out by the end of the season. It’s only been one episode and I’m not even sorry about it. Not one bit.* She also brags about having a nanny at her beck and call, yet she is a grown woman. *Get your own damn cucumbers!* Clips from upcoming episodes depict her wreaking havoc on the unspoken rules of the Bachelor franchise, so we’ll see what happens. Previews aside, just one episode gave us enough ammo to compile a list of reasons to dislike her. She gifted Nick a bag of tokens, being vague on how he’s allowed to cash them in. Then, then, she interrupts another woman’s one-on-one time with Nick, solely because she wants to kiss him. And then she brags about being his first! The nerve of Corinne. Ugh. People have already began to call her the next Olivia, an obnoxious woman that was dubbed the “villain” from Ben’s season. Next up is Elizabeth, “Liz”, a doula. She has already met Nick at a wedding of previous Bachelor in Paradise contestants (a spin-off in the Bachelor franchise) and the two were intimate, then suddenly without contact because she refused to give out her number. Liz thinks she can use this to her advantage, though Nick is side-eyeing her sudden peaked interest in him. She had multiple months to get in contact with him if she was as interested as she claims to be since the two have a mutual friend, Jade Tanner, the bride of the wedding they both attended. Despite keeping her, Nick is still questioning Liz’s motives for joining the show. Personally, it seems like a slimy thing to do, but we don’t know the entire story, and probably won’t. Liz plans to use it as leverage by keeping it a secret, then exposing it to the other contestants, most likely to rattle them and make them paranoid of their developing relationships with Nick. Nevermind, it still seems pretty questionable.  Liz isn’t as perceivably evil as Corinne, but she’s not too far off. Personality wise, Liz seemed sweet enough, but so do most contestants on the first night. We’ll continue to watch drama unfold and get closer looks at everyone’s true colors as the show continues.

This is reality TV, so naturally, we can assume a good portion of the show is edited, maybe even scripted. Despite most viewers recognizing this fact, each and every week, they tune in to watch the attitudes of competing women as they look to find their own happy endings. We might not ever know the difference between fact and fiction, but that doesn’t keep dedicated fans away. Setting fan-favorites and villains aside, at the end of the episode, everyone still wants Nick Viall to find love at the end of the season – preferably with their favorite, though.

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* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license