No Meat? No Problem!

Rachel Pugliese

Your diet says lot about you, your health, and your morals. Many people experiment with different diets to lose weight or to just feel healthier. A vegan diet can transform your outlook on how you eat and live in general.

Before listing the positive effects of veganism, you might be wondering: What is veganism? It is simply cutting animal products such as meat, dairy, and eggs from your diet. It might sound difficult, considering that most people consume extreme amounts of animal products per day. However, by adjusting a few aspects of your life, it isn’t quite as hard as it seems. There are incalculable substitutes for animal products that are cruelty free and delicious that can be found at your local grocery store. Vegan meals can be extremely filling, nutritious, and taste just as good without the fattening and health damaging factors that meat and dairy contain. Refraining from consuming meat not only preserves the lives of animals, but also is better for your body if you remain on the right vegan diet. Most meats are classified as group one carcinogens, which means they are “probable” to cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization. They also increase your chances of developing heart disease or Osteoporosis. Meat, as opposed to popular belief, is not worth it’s protein content. Protein can be found in plenty of other foods such as soybeans, nuts, rice, quinoa, and vegetables. Being on a vegan diet also positively impacts the environment by reducing pollution and deforestation, and saving water and energy. Sure, one person transitioning to a vegan diet isn’t going to save the planet. However, it is a contribution to the movement, and advocating for a more conscious and caring lifestyle that will make a difference.

It isn’t a simple transition and may take multiple attempts and some getting used to, but it is worth a try. Having the right diet can greatly benefit all aspects of your life, and a vegan diet is the right diet.


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license