Hmmm… The Meaning of High School

Juliet Munoz, Staff Writer

What is the true meaning of high school? I think I have an idea… high school is about being able to expand your horizons, being on your own with a few people who walk with you for just a short chapter in your life. It is also for you to build your character because, at the end of the day, it all comes down to you, and who you want to be.

Where I’m going with this is that it’s probably time to explore different places so that you might end up finding something you’re interested in. I’ve recently been informed about a club called “Smile” – what they do there is interact and work on becoming more social by participating in more fun activities and parties that seem fun just by listening. They meet on Fridays, after school located in the cafeteria; you never know where your feet will lead.

If you decide to join in any clubs for this year, I recommend Smile; it’s fun, and they do a lot of charity activities that will help a lot of people and give you a boost of confidence. As for freshmen, they can meet and socialize with new people. Being a part of a group is something I think we all want. And ask questions! Don’t be afraid to – even before I started high school, that was advice I’d been given by most people.

Smile did a running event, raising a rough estimate of $25,000 just by jogging a handful of miles – this type of activity is something I would love to be involved in; I love to help others and put a smile on someone’s face. The parties are honestly worth going to as well! Who wouldn’t wanna eat food and sweets and communicate with people you thought you didn’t have anything in common with? But you do, you just don’t know until you try. They play sports like volleyball or kickball as well.

The faces you see there mostly consist of upperclassmen, but sometimes you have to be willing to go for something outside your comfort zone. For instance, this year I wasn’t so sure about joining the step team, but when I did, I’m going to be honest when I say that I’m glad I did, because I’m talking to people I never thought I’d have too much in common with.

The advice I leave you with is to put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to move beyond your bubble – you never know where it will carry you.


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