The Bachelor, Week Three: Cue Dramatic Snoring Sounds

Alecia Sclafani and Rebecca Williamson

The episode begins the following day after Nick sent Liz home. The girls are buzzing with the news that Nick had revealed the following night. At the start of the cocktail party, Nick explains his feelings about the situation and tells the girls to come to him with questions. *He handled the situation very well.* Once again, the Corrine drama begins. Donned in only a trench coat, she gets the whipped cream and attempts to seduce Nick. However, he tells her it is not such a good idea. Jasmine interrupts them and Corrine goes off crying. What she could be crying about is a bit of a mystery, because let’s be honest – an open area with over a dozen girls a few yards away and presumably dozens of cameras recording your every move is just not seductive. It’s not. Why she thought it was a good idea remains a mystery, but she should have at least kept her head up instead of whining about how it “ruined their connection” and how she “should just go home because everything is ruined.” The entire premise of the show is sharing the Bachelor, as he’s trying to explore the potential of falling in love. It’s naive to believe he’s going to devote every ounce of his attention to one girl when there’s nearly twenty other women longing for his attention. Despite her arrogance and pompous ways, her immaturity and obvious insecurities are going to be her demise.  A perfect example of Corinne’s immature attitude: ditching the rose ceremony and going to bed instead. *Cue dramatic snoring sounds.* The other girls find this immature, and Nick isn’t sure how to handle it because he doesn’t want to award her behavior, yet he still likes her. *Why? This is a question most viewers ask themselves generally after Corinne does…anything.*

The next group date card rives with the word “Everybody!” written on it. A few of the girls automatically guess the Backstreet Boys, and they are right. The members of the band walk into the house and perform an impromptu verse of one of their songs. As the girls fangirl excessively, Nick is grateful that the members of the band are all happily married. Based on how Nick has fared in competition for a woman’s affection in the past, it’s a huge relief the girl’s will still focus on developing their connections with him. The date itself is difficult, the girls have to dance in the background of the fangirl packed Backstreet Boys concert that night. The girl with the most chemistry will be serenaded with Nick onstage. If there is one thing Corrine can’t do, its dance. She is literally terrible and already starts to complain that the other girls are getting more attention. She runs out of room and starts to freak out. *To be honest, if she wasn’t such a terrible person, I would feel bad for her. Dancing is difficult for some people, especially in front of a crowd.* The performances go off without a hitch and Danielle L. gets the coveted serenade and slow dance with Nick. “That was adorable,” senior Danielle Hopkins says. Corrine complains that her relationship with him is falling behind the others and ruins the sweet moment with her off camera comments. *Okay but this isn’t the Corrine show. We don’t need her voice over every time something happens. We know we keep writing about her, but seriously, everything revolves back to her. There’s always a camera panning on her, or a confessional of her’s playing after something happens. We blame the producers and editors.* After the concert, Corrine steals Nick. He assures her that he is okay after last night. When they are done kissing, she goes to take a nap. *What is with her and sleeping during important moments?* After her nap, she reveals she has a nanny. The girls are literally holding in their laughter, originally thinking she was joking. A few of them seem genuinely concerned when Corinne reveals that she has an actual nanny. *At 24, Corinne has a nanny that does everything for her. It’s not like she’s a butler that Corinne has hired to assist her, she refers to the woman as her nanny, and lets her take care of her. Corinne lives with her parents (though she claims this makes running her business she will inherit from them easier) while her nanny makes her bed, does her laundry, and makes her sacred cucumber salads, among other simply, daily household tasks.* She is naive to think that her nanny loves taking care of her and doing her laundry purely out of the kindness of her heart. The girls all talk about Corinne behind her back, desperately wanting her to go home. On the plus side, Nick’s relationship with Danielle progresses. The group date rose goes to her tonight – one of the few plusses of the night. Corrine validates herself by saying Nick doesn’t want to give her a second rose in a row so she doesn’t have a target on her back. If that’s what helps you sleep at night, Corinne.

The next date card is a one-on-one with Vanessa. He takes her on a Zero G. plane that gives the feeling of being in space. They feel weightless. *Vanessa is literally adorable on the plane.* Nick admits that all he wants to do is kiss her, so he does. However, going back down, she starts to feel nauseous and gets sick. Nick didn’t leave her side. He is so sweet and caring as he holds her hand while she gets sick. Nick admits he feels protective of her and kisses her after she pukes. “Maybe Nick should give her some of that gum,” Danielle says. *On the plus side, he has already seen her at a really bad moment, so that says a lot about their relationship. Things are off to a great start, and we’re both huge fans of this relationship so far. There seems to be a mutual connection between them, and Vanessa has been brutally honest so far, and seems like she has her priorities straight. Good for you, girl.* They share a moment speaking about their family. Vanessa reveals that her grandfather passed away a few weeks before she left, yet her family encouraged her to do something for herself. She also makes sure the conversation is not just about her. She asks him about his past relationships and he is open with his feelings. He even gets emotional. *I love her! I totally ship it.* He picks up the rose and she looks genuinely shocked because she had forgotten about it. Their relationship is going strong. *Cue us fangirling over the already super cute couple!! Ahh!!*

The next date card is another group date. Nick brings in Olympic athletes to help complete the Nickathalon! Most of the girls weren’t too happy about having to be athletic. However, they all need to impress and get that extra time with Nick. One girl in particular, Dominique, recognizes that she is falling behind the rest. She spends most of her off screen comments talking about how she needs to spend more time with Nick. *Who even is Dominique? We didn’t hear from her the past few episodes now all of a sudden she’s distraught and feels distraught about their lack of connection. Maybe try…I don’t know, talking to Nick? That’s the point of the show!* The girls run through a multitude of obstacles ranging from the javelin throw to hit the heart and the final 100 meter sprint to get the comically large engagement ring. Astrid is able to pull of the win, but only because her competitor Rachel knocks it off the table. The ring shatters into pieces before Astrid, grabbing the largest piece, sprints to the awaiting hot tub for some time with Nick. *Really? A hot tub? That is so awkward.* Evening arrives and we watch Dominique get even more discouraged about her and Nick’s relationship. She blames him for not giving her equal attention, not noticing she was upset and not coming over to console her. On a group date, the poor guy has to balance six other women competing in a less than ideal competition for his attention – can you blame him? Post Dominique’s pity party extravaganza, Nick explains he doesn’t want to string anyone along and ultimately ends things between them. Yikes, sending a woman home two weeks in a row. Nick’s off to a bit of a rough start. Still, he’s right to not want to string women along, making the process a little easier on his behalf.

Post the Nickathalon, Chris Harrison reveals that there will not be a cocktail party, but rather a pool party. Many of the girls comment how excited they are to see Nick again, while contestant Alexis seems skeptical of how it’ll work out with so many girls after the same guy. But right when viewers think it’ll be a simple pool party, they find out that everything is back to the usual: the Corinne show. She requests the show rent the princess bounce house at her expense, wanting to make Nick “feel special.” *Oh. My. God. That’s all I’m saying.* Either way, the minute he’s inside, Corinne is clinging to Nick, and of course the other girls have a clear view of the ridiculous encounter. Upon his return, many girls attack Nick, mainly to expose Corinne and her immature ways. Raven takes the opportunity to give Nick advice, claiming he’s “making a huge mistake with one girl,” then revealing she has a nanny who does everything for her. Nick seems curious, but Raven mentioning Corinne opens the floodgate of several other women doing the same, including Jasmine and Taylor. Vanessa, on the other hand, rather than ratting on Corinne, actually questions Nick. She is being frank with him, saying, “it was enough for me to question, like, are you looking for a wife? Are you looking for someone to [mess] around with? Because at that point, I’d rather you just not give me a rose.” Props to her for being upfront with Nick, rather than beating around the bush and whining about it off screen. It’s noble to confront problems head on in such a mature way, which is seldom in The Bachelor franchise. Everything is usually handled in an immature or back-door type of way before it’s blown out of proportion and used for clickbait. Vanessa is serious about actually finding love, not wanting to waste her time with someone who doesn’t share the same values as her. Good for you, girl. We’re rooting for you.

Nick’s making it clear he’s trying to take his opportunity seriously, already eliminating women that just aren’t it for him. Well, is he actually? There are also some relationships we’re excited to see continue, though we’re not quite in favor of rose ceremonies being postponed. Get back on schedule!!


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license