The Bachelor, Week Four: “Is She in Elementary School?”

Alecia Sclafani and Rebecca Williamson

This week’s episode begins with the pool party we ended at last week. Every single girl is extremely frustrated with Corrine, but some of the girls, like Vanessa, express their concerns about Nick. All the women in that house genuinely want to find love, so they are beginning to question whether or not Nick wants a woman or a girl. The pool party ends and two of the women, her roommates Sarah and Taylor, express their opinions and the rest of the house’s feelings to Corrine in a respectable manner. Corrine automatically feels attacked and ultimately shrugs them off. Fast forward to the rose ceremony *that we wish happened last week* where Nick waits until one rose is left to call Corinne’s name. According to the women, the atmosphere of the room completely changed. As they toast to one more week, Corrine interrupts to give a speech about how lucky they are to be there. Everything that is coming out of her mouth is literal bull, and she admits that she is being fake. *Vanessa’s face in this scene is literally hysterical.* The night ends on a sour note, but the next morning proves to be 100 times better when Chris tells the women they are leaving the house and going to their first destination: Nick’s hometown in Milwaukee.

With tensions running higher due to their location and Corrine, the women definitely feel discouraged when Nick arrives and steals Danielle L. for the first of two one-on-one dates. He takes her on a walking tour through his town, complete with a trip to a bakery where they decorate cookies to look like themselves and a run-in with an ex-girlfriend. Yes, an ex-girlfriend, who had nothing but nice things to say. *But honestly, was this staged?* This wasn’t the only awkward part of the date. Nick pointed out places where he has experienced firsts throughout the date. *Okay, we get that a talk about exes is needed, but seeing these places would make me feel uncomfortable.* Danielle embraces the date as it is and opens up to Nick about her feeling on her parents’ divorce and other fears. Nick gives her the rose and tells her the date is not yet over. His last surprise is dancing onstage at a concert. *The date went well, but it wasn’t the best one we’ve seen.*

The next is a group date. All of the girls except Danielle and Raven, who we find out gets the second one-on-one date, are called out as the envelope is read. While the first one-on-one date was romantic, the group date is special in its own way. The lucky women were brought to a farm to participate in what Corinne referred to as “farm chores.” They had to feed cows, milk cows, and even scoop cow poop! Most of the women put up brave faces and tried to make the best of the rather icky conditions, except Corinne who suddenly has a medical problem. She “lost circulation in her hand,” which is just code for her not wanting to take part of the day’s activities. She complains about being around “poopy” and that all she wants is sushi. *I’m sorry, but I just can’t take anyone who refers to poop as…poopy. Is she in elementary school? I really couldn’t take it.* Surprise, the group date was all about Corinne. And so was the mini cocktail party after it. She decides she wants to confront the women, since she was suddenly getting vibes that they don’t like her. Sarah then confronts her, questioning her maturity and if she’s truly ready to marry a 36-year-old man. *You go girl!! Please call out the girl who decided groping herself on national television is mature, and that comparing herself to juicy corn makes her even more intelligent!* Corinne brings up that “Michael Jordan took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps,” to defend her stressful week and why she was always napping. *Yes, because being on reality television is extremely stressful, and you do as much work as an all-star athlete and the president.* Kristina, who was actually told by Nick to…stop talking when she wanted to talk about her past, confronts Corinne, calling out her lies about having a “panic attack” before the rose ceremony which is why she claims she took a nap. *Okay, I’ve never heard of someone sleeping during a panic attack but um, okay, you do you girl.* Corinne is proud of herself for having an “adult conversation with Nick,” though it’s only because she talked about how “mature” she was speaking to the other girls and the fact that they didn’t kiss. *Funny how adulting works. Yeah.* Kristina got the rose that night, and Corinne was hurt that her “adult conversation” didn’t get her the rose.

The final date of the week is a second one-on-one with Raven. *I LOVED THIS DATE SO MUCH I CAN’T EXPRESS IT ENOUGH OMG* Raven gets to meet Nick’s little sister, Bella, while she’s at a soccer game, and then, and then, she meets his parents. She meets his parents!! Usually, only the final three girls get to meet his family! What!??!??! When they go rollerskating post soccer game, Raven and Nick look adorable goofing off together on the rink. Raven sits for a little chat with Bella, who seems fond of her already. Both Bella and Nick’s father give her the stamp of approval after just a short amount of time with her. *AHH!* Once they arrive at the Milwaukee Museum of Art, Raven goes on to tell the story of when she found her ex-boyfriend cheating on her. After she kicked down the door, she walked in on them in the midst of doing the deed. She, in turn, beat him up with her stiletto. You know, just girly things! She believes it made her much stronger of a person, and to value her self-worth. Raven knows what she wants, and what she deserves. *What an icon, you go girl!* Of course she gets the rose, and they rollerskate around the museum. *Okay, what?*

Again, we don’t get to see the end of a rose ceremony. But, we get lots of Corinne drama, so woo-hoo! Said nobody, ever. Taylor gets angry that Danielle L. pulls Nick away when she already received a rose, so of course she’s ready to kickstart the drama of the evening. *Greaaat.* Corinne decides she’s ready to confront Taylor, who’s been being mean to her. *Seriously, can she find a word other than mean? She’s not seven, expand your vocabulary, please.* Taylor comes out and says she doesn’t think Corinne is emotionally mature enough to handle being with Nick. *As much as I dislike Corinne, nobody asked you, Taylor. Stop talking to her like she’s one of your patients. It’s actually kind of rude.* Corinne goes on to compare Taylor the cow poop(y) that she (didn’t) scoop earlier. And, in case you forgot, Corinne(‘s father) runs a multimillion dollar company, so she’s obviously mature. *Sweetie, you’ve given us plenty of evidence to say otherwise, but okay. Whatever “Corn” says.* Corinne also claims she doesn’t know what privilege is. Which…is a completely different argument, and a false one at that, considering she has a nanny for crying out loud. This argument was a hot mess from both sides, and of course that’s how the episode ended. Yeah.  

So it’s week four and connections are being formed and strengthened. I, Rebecca, love Vanessa, Danielle L., and Raven. They are my top three. However, I don’t think Nick will choose Raven, so as I tweeted that night, I hope she becomes the next Bachelorette. I, Alecia, sort of agree with Rebecca. I love Vanessa and Raven with Nick, but I also really like Rachel, who we haven’t seen as much of because she got the first impression rose. I hope she comes back; she fits into this little group of fierce women. I hope they make it far, because I can see each of them having a relationship with Nick. I also really like Sarah, but I don’t see her getting as far as the other girls with Nick, as sweet as she is.

You’ve heard our opinions for the past four weeks, so now we want to hear yours. Come talk to us or comment about your feelings on this season and your opinions could be featured in our next articles! Until next time Bachelor Nation.

* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license