Art Honor Society Collects for Sloan Kettering

Jessica Mannhaupt, Staff Writer

March 7, 2019

National Art Honor Society is an amazing organization that frequently gets involved in giving back to the community in a creative way. We offer face painting at many school events, create artistic projects for other organization...


Daler “Bald”

February 7, 2019

The PB and J Gang

Jake Amato, Staff Writer

February 6, 2019

Once per month, the Saint Kilian Church helps the community by making and handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless. This is an important event that helps the people in community who need it the most. The m...

Dalers for Dalers

Erin Byrnes, Co-Editor-in-Chief

December 22, 2018

Christmas is typically filled with giving gifts and spending time with loved ones; however, sometimes giving can be costly and difficult for parents. Here at Farmingdale, the Student Government Association organized a holiday...

To Preserve Memories!

To Preserve Memories!

April 12, 2018

Rocking the Bald

Rocking the Bald

March 29, 2017



March 15, 2017

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