2017-2018 Staff

Kayla Timmerman

Staff Writer

This is Kayla’s first year on the staff. Kayla likes to write about pop culture and current events, and is excited to write about things from music and movies, to events you see on the news. Kayla’s goal this year is to write as m...

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Noah Kramer

Art Director

Noah Kramer does the Mustachio comics for the newspaper and writes articles about the comic book industry and his issues with it. Whether it be the movies or the comics themselves, it’s his little niche the journalism class,...

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Catherine Goodheart

Social Media Director

Cathy is in her senior year and this is her second year being a part of the Paper Lion staff! She really enjoys seeing movies, so she decided to write some reviews on them.  Cathy mainly watches horror movies so that’s what t...

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Elijah Ford

Staff Writer

Elijah Ford is one of the new members of the Paper Lion staff, but is not new to the process of writing at all. In fact, it was and still currently is one of his main ambitions that prompted him to join. He likes to write for Cu...

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Anthony Faber

Staff Writer

This is the first year Anthony Faber is on the staff for the Paper Lion. Anthony would like to write about sports and enjoys watching sports too, such as football, hockey and lacrosse. When he gets into college he is not sure what...

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Alberto Diaz

Staff Writer

Alberto Diaz likes writing about basketball because he understands it better than other sports like lacrosse or hockey. His goals as a writer are to improve his skills and become better at choosing and writing articles. He likes ...

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Heather Choi

Staff Writer

Heather Choi is a sophomore who has recently joined the Paper Lion.  This is her first year on the staff, and she plans on continuing as a staff member throughout her last 2-3  years of high school.  So far, she has written ...

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Dale the Lion

Staff Writer

Welcome Daler buddies! This is the page of Dale the Lion! This is Dale’s second year being a staff member for the Paper Lion. He likes to write in his diary, which is called “Dale’s Diary.” You can see his writings onlin...

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Alayna Camisa

Staff Writer

This is Alayna Camisa’s second year of being on the Paper Lion staff with the amazing Mr. Brian Osborn. Alayna enjoys writing for the school newspaper because she loves interviewing and meeting new people. Writing allows Alayna...

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Grace Brosnan

Creative Writing Editor

Grace loves to write. Yes, she understands that’s boring but it’s what she loves to do. This is her second year writing for the Paper Lion and she’s very excited to see what it has in store for her this year. Mostly she writes ...

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Jalees Briggs

Staff Writer

This is Jalees Briggs’ first year with the Paper Lion and he is excited to see what he can bring to the staff. Jalees likes sports so he, and he has only written about that subject so far, but if something else comes his way he...

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Jake Amato

Staff Writer

Jake Amato is in his first year of on the Paper Lion staff and he enjoys it a lot. He likes writing about current events more than anything. Jake is in his second year of high school and he likes to play sports like football and b...

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Cecelia Germain


Cecelia Germain is a senior this year. This is her second year on the Paper Lion Staff, and she is Co-Editor-in-Chief. She have mostly written school related articles such as Dear Freshmen,” “Daler Spirit at its Best,” and a fe...

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Erin Byrnes

Sports Editor

This is Erin Byrnes’ second year on the staff. She enjoys writing about school news and sports and is the sports editor this year. She is very undecided about her future but is looking forward to continuing to write in colle...

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