2020-2021 Staff

Ann Burns

Why drink water when there's coffee?

Taylor McGuire

trust in yourself and the universe <3

Matthew Camargo

I'm not paid enough for this.

Julian Dabydeen

Me being spontaneous is a blessing

Hannah Rumpf

"When nothing goes right, go left."

Christian Lembo

Is it worth waking up for?

Moelony Cameron

I saw, I came, I conquered!

Shakillah Arthur

Differently unique inside this bubble world

Kayla Singh

"you get back what you give"

Joseph Kearney

Do Not Shy Away From Creativity

Izabella Cimino

the only limit is your dreams

Crystyles Lyons

Life is good, take it slow.

Edward Romano

Prove BELIEVERS right, not doubters wrong

Emma Duffy

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Tyler Solis

Aim for goalbox, not the woodwork.

Tamiyah Fearrington

live life to the fullest, always

Sean Boyle

i just want a good grade

Madison Rivera

She's a little weird, thats okay :)

Angelina Facchiano

funny, honest, loyal, generous, caring

Isabella Mountrichas

forever and ever I am me

Isabella Athanasiou

Pain is temporary, swag is forever.

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